Basic Intuitive Connections Development

We welcome you for 60 minutes of meditation, communication, information, and exploration on spiritual topics and modalities! This circle is for beginners with no experience, up to intermediate students who would like to learn new techniques, sharpen their skills, and meet like-minded people in our local area. I look forward to meeting you!


Basic Intuitive Connections

Case Study Reveal

I recently posted a Psychic Case Study for those of you that want to practice and test your intuition, So now I’m following up with the Reveal.  Thank you to those of you who attempted this exercise. It was really interesting to read your comments and emails about the information you “received”.      …

Giveaway Time!

  I really, really love to pay it forward. Giving away free readings is just one of the ways that I choose to be in service of others. If you’ve never experienced an Angel reading before, I highly recommend it or you can also pay it forward and “gift” this to someone you feel would benefit…